Weekly Specials

Specials for the week of
March 18 through March 23

Our Spring Celebration Starts Friday!
If you saw our ad in the Knox County Shopper please know that the wrong ad was put in. The info in the ad is mostly incorrect.  We apologize!

The following specials are running all week:

Kretschmar Off Bone Ham $3.69 /lb.

Pearl Valley Lacy Baby Swiss $3.59 /lb.

And now — Our Spring Celebration

March 22 & 23
Stop in for Super Specials – Tasting – New items
 Extra Deli items
Kretschmar Herb & Garlic Chicken $4.49 /lb.
Pearl Valley Colby $2.99 /lb.

Custom Cold Cut Sandwich $3.99 / each

Cooler item
Daisyfield Sliced Bacon $4.59 /lb.

All things Lemon
Lemon Creme Cake Roll (new for limited time) 17 oz. $5.59 /ea.
Lemon Creme Cookies 10.2 oz. $.29 /ea.
Joe Tea – Classic or Pink (new) Lemonade 20 oz. $1.69 /ea.
Lemon EZ Squeeze Pie Filling 2 lb. $2.49 /ea.
Lemon Fig Bars 2 pack $.79 /ea.

Other items
Late July Sea Salt & Lime Tortilla Chips 11 oz. $3.19 /ea.
Mrs. Millers Peanut Butter Marshmallow Spread 17 oz. $4.59 /ea.
Mini Peanut Butter Buckeyes $3.99 /lb.

It looks like the weather may be warming up by the weekend.  Stop in and help us celebrate the return of spring and new life!  And as always…

Have a great week!